I offer a personal  one to one service in where you have full creative control over your  new look that you want to create but with as much direction as you need.  As women we get very bored of our Hair, our Clothes , our Make Up Look, and its nice to be able to switch it up,  but we find it difficult because soemtimes we dont know where to begin, we need that boost of confidence to take the leap and do it, sure you have friends that you can take shopping, and advise you on what looks good and what make up looks to wear, the difference is " I WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH" I want to make you feel empowered and make you look your absoloute best !!  thats where i come in I offer a 4 day Transformation pack. 

Consultation - We sit down with tea and biscuits of course, and  discuss your new look, take photos of you before and add it to your personalised scrapbook of the transformation . 

Transformation Day 1

Hair Change - This is the 1st thing we need to do to make everything blend.

Transformation Day 2

Make Up Shopping & Tutorials - We source the best foundation for your skin, and other products you may be interested in, test and trial different looks with the new products and show you exactly how to use them. 

Transformation Day 3

Clothes Shopping  - We go and find out what the best outfit for you is, try out different looks, and you can purchase an outfit if you choose. 

Transformation Day 4

 We bring everything together from the 3 days, look through the scrapbook so you  can see the  transformation  the scrapbook will also contan all notes and details of make up and make up looks, photos of you etc . and then we finish with a mini photo shoot so you can see the complete look :) 

Transformation Complete