Specialising in semi permanent eyelash extensions, your eyelashes can be created suit each individual client.

Depending on your needs and requirements you have a choice between mink lashes, and synthetic mink lashes, they each last 8 weeks in total and you will need to come in for infills if the lashes shed every two weeks.

Lash extensions come in many styles ranging from the super-dramatic, to soft natural looking mink lashes, there is a style that suits you . 



Classic Eyelash Extensions

£35.00 -Classic eyelash extensions lasts up to 8-12 weeks infills are £15.00 2 hours to fit. 



russian volume.jpg

3D Russian Volume Eyelashes

£45.00 Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions - 3 lashes are applied to each individual lash to create a fuller thicker eyelash Infills £20.00 2 hours to fit lasts 8-12 weeks


Mink Eyelash Extensions 

£50.00 for classic £60.00 for volume

Siberian Mink Fur Lashes are worn by celebrities and catwalk models worldwide. They provide a unique, natural sheen with a wispy finish. lasts up to 8 - 12 weeks infills £30.00 (The hair for our  Real Siberian Mink Lashes are hand harvested, Cruelty-Free.