Eyelash Extensions

Synthetic Mink Lashes

£30.00 & Infills £15.00


3D Russian Lashes

£40.00 & Infills £20.00

there are lots of different styles and looks to choose from

please note, a skin test must be done before eyelashes are fitted. 


Hair Extensions

Weave Tracks (lasts 1 month) -18 Inch - £145.00 20 Inch £165.00    


Easi Locks (lasts 12+Months)

Starts from £500   


Mini Tip Hair Extensions (lasts 6 Months)

20 Inch - £365.00      22Inch £375.00


Micro Wefted Hair Extensions (lasts 3 months)  

18 Inch £165.00      20 Inch £185.00


All of these hair extension methods all include a cut and blend this is to ensure the hair extensions look as natural as possible.  If you would like to book you will need to book a consultation this involves a colour match and hair analysis to find out which method is best for you.